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Address:                    3994 Crow Ave,
                                 Unincorp. Area of Elko, Nevada 89801

Jurisdiction:               Elko County, Nevada

Property Value:         $79,000.00
                                (Seventy Nine Thousand US Dollars)

Loan to Value:          70% First Trust Deed

Surplus Equity:                        $23,700.00

Description:                          1989 Fleetwood Broadmore Single Wide Mobile Home

Serial ID Number:      IDA097108

Size:                         14’ Wide by 66’ Long or 924 Square Feet

Property APN:            036-008-004



Three bedroom, bath single wide mobile home unit on a lot of approx. one acre of land. Mobile home is situated on a non-permanent foundation.  The value with a permanent foundation is $100,000.00.



Barbara Ginoulias, Council Member of the Nevada State Land Use Planning Advisory stated in the May 19, 2005 Meeting held at Stateline, Nevada, that there was a great need for affordable and attainable housing. She emphasized the difference between the two types of housing and the need for more of both. Classified as 81 to 121 % of the median area income paying no more than 30% for monthly housing costs, attainable housing supports many skilled and professional workers such as teachers, EMS personnel, whom are critical in a growing region. Condo conversions of rental units was a top concern for the affordable housing interests.


Mixed Use Development was the second strategy covered by Ms. Ginoulias. This type of development can provide housing near employment centers and create a vibrant community. This could be improved by revising current ordinances, policies and goals. Ms. Ginouliasillustrated the good coincidence of proposed mixed use centers as being along major road corridors that is experiencing rapid change.


Infill Development was presented as a means to improve the utility of existing undeveloped or underdeveloped parcels that are served by existing infrastructure. One method of encouraging infill was to allow the pre-approvals of developments in certain areas poised for growth and transit. Otherwise developers are heading outward for new development due to regulations and time delays of the permitting process.


For more information on Elko County’s housing shortage, visit http://lands.nv.gov/docs/SLUPAC/SLUPAC%20Minutes%205-19-05.pdf 



Terrance "Dez" Dzvonick

Phone:  (951) 283-0557

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