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 $47,500 1st Trust Deed For Sale
40 Acres Wildlife Retreat, Imperial County, California
 on the Colorado River


$47,500.00 (Forty Seven Thousand, Five Hundred US Dollars)

40 acres of
Commercial Duck Hunting Retreat
Located on the Colorado River,
Imperial County, California

Property Value $4,000,000.00
Loan to Value: 1.2%
$47,500 Seasoned First Trust Deed since 1996

12% Interest only per annum of $475.00 per month
Maturity date 2011

There is an existing Second Trust Deed of $38,000.00
behind the First Trust Deed

Property consists of a total of 40 acres;
20 acres is planted in alfalfa, 
and 20 acres is water frontage on Oxbow Lake.
Located near Palo Verde Park, just three miles
south of the town of
Palo Verde on California Highway 78
along an oxbow of the Colorado River. 
Ready to become your own personal retreat, or can be
developed into membership packages for public sale.

Hunting and Fishing Paradise!

It is adjacent to Cibola National Wildlife Refuge;
it is 2 miles west of
the Palo Verde Oxbow BLM site on the Colorado River,
which has a boat launch ranch and camping.

The Cibola National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1964 to
restore and protect historic habitat and wintering
grounds for migratory birds and other wildlife.

For more information on the wildlife refuge
and the immediate area, visit:


Terry "Dez" Dzvonick
Phone: (951) 283-0557