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$200K 1st TRUST DEED

The Rocket Motel
on the main street of downtown
Hawthorne, Nevada

            The Rocket Motel 
      $200,000.00 First Trust Deed for Sale 
      12% Interest Only Monthly Payments at $2,000.00
                  Motel Close to Major Downtown Casino
                                                             STATE OF NEVADA HAS NO USURY LAWS
                                                        THIS IS A PRINCIPAL TO PRINCIPAL TRANSACTION

Address:                  694 E Street 
                                Hawthorne, Nevada 89415

Jurisdiction:             City of Hawthorne,
                                Mineral County, Nevada

Property Value:       $499,000.00
                              (Four Hundred, Ninety Nine Thousand)
Loan to Value:         40% (Fifty Percent)

Surplus Equity:        $299,000.00

Lot Size:                  .75 Acre (32,670 Square Feet)

Building Size:          8000 Square Foot

Units:                      15 includes one managers quarters

Property Description:
This property consists of two parcels. It entails an "L" shaped 14-room motel plus an attached 2-bedroom managers apartment. The building is constructed of concrete block/brick.

There are 6 kitchenettes with full kitchen appliances and 8 single rooms with full baths. Commercial laundry room. Large electrical signage, ample off street parking, new roof and excellent reputation/location. Property is currently under renovation.

Location Description:
Property is located on "E" street in the center of the town of Hawthorne, Nevada, right on the main corridor as you enter the town. Hawthorne is situated approximately 100 south of Reno, on Highway 95, north of Las Vegas.


Terrance "Dez" Dzvonick

Phone:  (951) 283-0557
Email:    Ten4LasVegas@yahoo.com